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I liked the game, but it was a bit too dark, especially at the end. I literally couldn't see anything at the end.


it was a Okay game


An amazing 4-star game! Great polish on graphics, clear detail put into every room. Also, lovely spooky atmosphere that I was very much entranced in. The only thing I'd critique is the UI. Using the default white boxed UI sort of took me out of the game enviroment, mostly amazing game though!

We totally understand, and agree, with your feedback. We are looking into polish it even more. <3

//The dev team

(Video down below if anyone's interested. And have a good day to anyone who reads this.)

Was a neat little game, and had an interesting story. The little sounds that played at random (At least I think the were random.) were great, they added to the atmosphere and were very spooky at times. The simplicity of having all the puzzles in the house in a few rooms was a good idea and I think made the experience a whole lot more tailered and didn't make the game go all over the place as some games tend to do.

The only suggestions I would give were to make the story a little more prominent rather than keeping it subtle and letting the players piece together everything (though I love the stories where you have to piece it together, but just thought that there wasn't enough backstory/ story given to the player while exploring the house other than the one liner descriptions of things when you interact with them.) The other suggestion is to make the part where you are collecting symbols more dangerous (add a time limit or an entity, etc.) But even without those, the music and the atmosphere made it very scary and terrifying, so good job on pulling that off! Last one would be to make the puzzle clues a little less vague, maybe by adding a line or two about how the character remembers seeing the object somewhere when they interact with the next clue, etc.Oh and the radio, no clue what that was about except the snake noise.

But yeah, loved the game. You guys managed to pull off the ambience and atmosphere really well and loved every moment of playing it! Was great and good luck on the updates and future projects!

(Sorry for the long suggestions thing. Just liked the game a whole lot and has so much potential. Take care you guys!)

Thank you so much for the constructive feedback!

We are well aware that the story is a little bit flawed in its execution, but fret not, we do have plans on adding more narrative assets. There's a lot more backstory we didn't have time to add because of time restraints.

//The dev team

Well that was interesting... most certainly in a good way. My laptop isn't all that great so I was slightly delayed in movement and such. No matter, it still was somewhat intense. In fact I feel like you could have thrown in a few jump scares and they would play out nicely. I liked the story idea but I craved more... more as to who, what and why. That is just me though, it really isn't needed in depth. I would like it but for general purposes... a tad bit more please. Great job by the way. A+ from over here.

On a side note: I am interested in seeing more of your work. I haven't got to looking around to see what you got going on past, present or future. So, I will be lurking in the shadows wondering and waiting for what comes next. After I read more that the game title... thats all I know.

Thank you so much for your kind words! There are a few elements we want to add and improve, as to why we want to keep developing the game! We'll keep you guys updated! <3

//The dev team

I hope she forgave me !

btw, I didn't really understand what clicking on the symbols in the right order had to do with the ending !

and who was the other person? I have a theory about it and i shared it in my video, but i want to know !


I really liked the game even though my PC didn't record the ending!

Thank you for sharing your game

Nice game and dashie also played it at around 17:09 into the video,

awesome game i love it <3


This game is very interesting

here is my gameplay in portuguese

I like the style of this game, it nailed the atmosphere. Great job and good luck on future projects!

Cool game, I had such a fun time playing it. I made a video if anyone wants to check it out. 


I still don't know why I screamed...

The game definitely has potential, and I'm glad to hear that the devloper is still polishing it up. Can't wait for future updates.

Gave it a go...

Nice game! took me a while to figure out where the box was after the mess x) 

Enjoyed the puzzle aspect, but i do with there wete a little more horror aspects via sound effects, lighting, jump scares and so on. I still enjoyed the game though for a group of 16 students congrats. Thanks for making it.

Good game, I loved it, I want everyone to subscribe to my channel thanks:

Solving the puzzle was awesome! Nice concept!Really had fun (give my elaborate opinion at the end of the video).

It was great I had fun playing this game.

Couple things, I would make the snake vase a wee bit bigger to see the details of the vase. It was sitting in the dark. Also the radio section could use some guidance since it was just pure luck that I got the right combination to progress the story. 

Had so much Fun Playing this game! I am such a huge fan of how the story allowed the seemingly normal / predicatable environment feel so forign and terrifying! Loved the game. Feel free to check out my video!

Awesome video! Thanks for your kind words! <3

of course! 


This game gave me genuine chills down my spin, chicken bumps over my body. Interesting how the normal looking house could look so demonic with the story telling. Love it and hope there is more coming from your studio!

Glad you liked it! We worked realyl hard on this project! <3


Great storytelling! Not necessarily that scary, but the buildup to the ending provides some tension and the overall story has some spookiness to it. My only gripe is that I was unable to change the resolution of the game, so it ran a bit stuttery for me. But other than that, this is an extremely well polished game, and a great experience!


this really suprised me to be honest

i loved how it slowly builds up the tension and the mystery

and how the horror sticks to the point

straight forward and it does what it needs to do

nicely done guys , hope to see more games like this , with this kind spirit

if you are interested here is my gameplay :


Just uploaded a video on your game! I loved it feel free to check it out and check out my review of it! Loved the style of the game too 

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Really enjoyed playing your game! I've also made a little fan trailer, feel free to check it out if you like :)

Super cool initiative! We love it!

//The dev team

Thanks! I'm happy to hear that :)


Quite enjoyed this. Much more involved then I first expected. Well done!


I only got one ending, and seeing that there are multiple endings has me wanting to replay this game. My biggest complaint is that the puzzels were eleborate with little to no scares.

Thank you for the feedback! We will definitely take a look on the puzzle / scare dynamic! <3

//The dev team

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BOTH endings! (Unless terrifying snake wife says otherwise D:)

YOUTUBER: Maya, The Bubble E1
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While I have seen the "revive a loved one" thing happen a few too many times in horror lately, you do have a lot of unique thinsg going for this one. Your puzzles flow fairly naturally and are quite interesting, particualrly the snake bit, which I found rather interesting. And using the notebook was a nice idea.

However, what the game lacks is polish. The fonts are too standard, things seem a bit jittery, and some things are just delivered too matter-of-factly instead of being given time to work. The confrontation in the notebook, for instance, could be much, much more intense than it is, and is kind of undermined by sending you on a short, ultimately pointless fetch quest immediately after.

There's a lot of cool things here, and you should be proud of those.And I do realize this is a student project, so take my criticisms less as "this is bad" and more as "Keep in mind for next time": With the right amount of polish, there's a really cool, spooky experience in to be found here!

Thanks for your feedback, we sure will keep these things in mind for future projects :) // Dev team


This was so much fun, great atmosphere. The ending was a bit abrupt.I hope you continue to develop this a bit futher. I need closure.


The gameplay was pretty good and i liked the atmosphere it created. However, the ending was pretty trash, it ended too suddenly and there were too many loose ends left. :(


Great work on this game I can only see great success if this project goes further.

So if you're ever trying to talk to loved ones who have passed on, do NOT use one of these. It's not going to end well. Will you ever forgive me?

Thank you for an awesome video! We love your gameplay and commentary! <3

//Emil Nordhammer, from the dev team


NICE GAME! creppy vibe with a creepy story I also got to see I guess you could call it the bad ending!


I Enjoyed this game.


Really nice game, maybe it has a too sudden ending; but even so, definitely worth playing! Applause to the moral support cat!

We will certainly look over the ending for improvement, thanks for the feedback! //The forgive me dev team


The environment is great, really builds up the tension without over-playing it's hand, and the story is interesting. 


Good game.I enjoyed the game and the further I got into it the scarier it became.I will link my gameplay below if you are interested.

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